This Legal Notice regulates the access, use and navigation of the website RECORD BARCELONA, S.R.L. (hereinafter referred to as the obligations of Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSIS), as well as to inform all users of the website regarding the conditions of use of the website.- Oh, it’s just that.

Expressly RECALL BARCELONA, S.R.L. asks you to carefully read the terms of use before making use of this website and also do so whenever you are going to make use of the website, as they may be modified.

The latest version of these Terms may be consulted by the user whenever they wish. In the event that the user does not accept these Terms, you must refrain from accessing this website.

Access, use and navigation on the website of THE OWNER OF THE OWNER attributes the condition of USER and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every provision included in this Legal Notice, which may be modified.

The USER declares that it is informed about the terms and conditions of use, which have been made available to you. In turn, it accepts the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy and undertakes to comply with the legal provisions that apply.


In order to comply with article 10 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we inform users of our data:


The website and its services are free of free access, however, THE OWNER OF THE WEB conditions the use of some of the services offered on its website upon the prior completion of the corresponding form.

The USER guarantees the authenticity, veracity and topicality of all data that communicates to THE OWNER OF THE WEB and will be solely responsible for the false or inaccurate manifestations it makes. The user undertakes, in cases requested of data or information, not to distort his identity by posing as any other person.

The user undertakes to make correct use of the website in accordance with the laws, good faith, public order, uses of traffic and this Legal Notice. The USER shall respond to THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE or to third parties, for any damages that may be caused as a result of the breach of that obligation.

The user expressly undertakes to make proper use of the contents and services of THE OWNER OF THE WEB and not to use them for, among others:

  1. Spread content, criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, advocacy of terrorism or, in general, contrary to law or public order.
  2. Introduce into the computer virus network or perform actions that can alter, spoil, interrupt or cause errors or damage to electronic documents, data or physical and logical systems of the WEB or third party OWNER; as well as hinder access by other users to the website and its services through the massive consumption of computer resources through which the OWNER OF THE WEB provides its services.
  3. Try to access the email accounts of other users or to restricted areas of the computer systems of the OWNER OF THE WEB or third-party OWNER and, where appropriate, extract information.
  4. To violate intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as violate the confidentiality of the information of THE OWNER OF THE WEB or third parties.
  5. To supplant the identity of another user, public administrations or a third party.
  6. Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or otherwise communicating publicly, transforming or modifying the contents, unless the holder of the corresponding rights is authorized or legally permitted.
  7. Search data for advertising purposes and to send advertising of any kind and communications for the purpose of sale or other of a commercial nature without its prior request or consent.

In any case, THE OWNER OF THE WEB will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through the blog or other participation tools that may be created, as provided for in the application regulations. In addition, THE OWNER OF THE WEB cannot guarantee the veracity, validity and reliability of the content that third parties publish, that is why it asks its USER that before publishing any type of content evaluate it and review it in detail.

In addition, the USER recognizes and accepts that at any time RECORD BARCELONA, S.R.L. may interrupt or disable any of the contents of the web portal.


The content of this website is of a general nature and has a purely informative purpose, without fully guaranteeing access to all content, its completeness, correction, validity or topicality, or its suitability or usefulness for a specific objective.

THE OWNER OF THE WEB excludes, as far as the legal system permits, any liability for damages of any nature arising from:

  1. The impossibility of access to the website or the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the contents, as well as the existence of defects and defects of all kinds of content transmitted, disseminated, stored, made available to those that have been accessed through the website or the services offered.
  2. The presence of viruses or other elements in content that may cause alterations in the computer systems, electronic documents or user data.
  3. Failure to comply with laws, good faith, public order, traffic usages and this legal notice as a result of the misuse of the website. In particular, and exemplifyingly, the OWNER OF THE WEB is not responsible for the actions of third parties that violate intellectual and industrial property rights, business secrets, rights to honour, personal and family privacy and one’s image, as well as the rules on unfair competition and illegal advertising.

Also, THE OWNER OF THE WEB declines any responsibility for the information that is outside this website and is not managed directly by THE OWNER OF THE WEB. The function of the links that appear on this website is exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other sources that can expand the contents offered by this website. THE OWNER OF THE WEB does not guarantee or be responsible for the operation or accessibility of the linked sites; nor does it suggest, invite or recommend the visit to them, so it will not be responsible for the result obtained either. THE WEBSITE is not responsible for the establishment of hyperlinks by third parties.

THE OWNER OF THE WEB does not guarantee the continuous and permanent availability of the services, thus being exempt from any liability for possible damages caused as a result of the lack of availability of the service for reasons of force majeure or errors in the telematic data transfer networks, outside its will, or by disconnections carried out by work to improve or maintain computer equipment and systems. In these cases, THE WEB’s OWNER will do its best to warn 24 hours before the interruption. THE WEBSITE shall not be responsible for the interruption, suspension or termination of information or services. Likewise, it is not responsible for possible omissions, loss of information, data, configurations, undue access or breach of confidentiality arising from technical problems, human communications or omissions, caused by third parties or not attributable to the OWNER OF THE WEB. It shall also not be liable for damage caused by computer attacks or viruses affecting software, communications systems or equipment used by the OWNER OF THE WEB but manufactured or provided by a third party. The OWNER OF THE WEB may, at its sole discretion, deny, withdraw, suspend and/or block at any time and without prior notice access to information and services to those users who fail to comply with these rules.

Except for the cases that the law expressly imposes otherwise, and exclusively with the measure and extent to which it imposes it, the application does not guarantee or assume any liability for any damages caused by the use and use of the information, data and services of the OWNER OF THE WEB.

In any case, THE OWNER OF THE WEB excludes any liability for damages that may be due to the information and/or services provided or provided by third parties other than the Company. All responsibility shall be of the third party, either supplier, collaborator or other.



Those who intend to establish a hyperlink in advance must apply for written authorization from THE OWNER OF THE WEB. THE OWNER OF THE WEB reserves the power to ban and disable such hyperlinks.

The establishment of a hyperlink does not in any case imply the existence of relations between THE OWNER OF THE WEB and the owner of the website on which it is established, nor the acceptance and approval by THE OWNER OF THE WEB of its contents or services.

In any case, the hyperlink will only allow access to the home-page or home page of our website, and must also refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about THE OWNER OF THE WEB, or including illicit content, contrary to good customs and public order.

THE OWNER OF THE WEB is not responsible for the use that each user gives to the materials made available on this website or for the actions they perform on them.

THE OWNER OF THE WEB may make content available to the USER through access links to other websites managed by third parties, without this implying the existence of relationships between THE WEB OWNER and the owner of the website. However, THE OWNER OF THE WEB cannot control or monitor the contents included in them, therefore, its navigation on such linked sites will be the responsibility of the USER. THE OWNER OF THE WEB shall only be responsible for such content to the extent that it has effective knowledge of its wrongfulness, without acting diligently deactiving it.

If you consider that any of the linked sites violates the rights of third parties, THE OWNER OF THE WEB expressly requests you to communicate it as quickly as possible by the above communication means: Address: AVDA. GAUDI, 28 – 08025 BARCELONA, Mail: HOLA-BDEBARCELONA.CAT and telephone 936035006


All the contents of the website, such as texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, as well as its graphic design and source codes, constitute a work whose property belongs to THE OWNER OF THE WEB, or from third parties that have previously authorized its use. In no case shall any of the exploitation rights be deemed to have been transferred to the USER beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the website.

Also, all trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs of any kind that appear on the website are the property of THE OWNER OF THE WEB or of third parties, counting THE OWNER OF THE WEB with the corresponding operating licenses, without it being understood that the use or access to it may not be understood to attribute any right to the USUARY over them.

The distribution, modification, transfer or public communication of the contents and any other act which has not been expressly authorized by the holder of the exploitation rights is absolutely prohibited.

You as USER recognize and consent that any copyright, registered trademark and other industrial and intellectual property rights on the materials or contents provided as part of the website correspond to THE OWNER OF THE WEB at all times or to those who granted you license for use. You may make use of such material only in the way we expressly authorize it or those who granted us license for use. This will not prevent you from using this website to the extent necessary to copy information about your order or Contact data.

Reproduction, distribution and public communication, including its form of making available, of all or part of the contents of this website, for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, without the authorization of the OWNER OF THE WEB, are expressly prohibited, except where it is legally permitted or expressly authorized and in writing by the person holding the aforementioned Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

The USER at no time acquires any of the rights of use of the contents of the website simply by browsing this website.

Ultimately, users who access this website can view the contents and make, where appropriate, authorized private copies provided that the reproduced elements are not subsequently transferred to third parties, nor are they installed to network-connected servers, or are the subject of any type of operation.


You should not misuse this website by intentionally introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logical pumps or any other technologically harmful or harmful or harmful program or material. You will not attempt to have unauthorized access to this website, the server on which that page is hosted or any server, computer or database related to our website. You undertake not to attack this website through a denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack.

Failure to comply with this clause could lead to the commission of offences defined by the applicable legislation. We will report any breach of these rules to the competent authorities and cooperate with them to discover the identity of the attacker. Also, in the event of non-compliance with this clause, you will immediately cease to be authorized to use this website.

We shall not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from a denial of service attack, viruses or any other technologically harmful or harmful program or material that may affect your computer, computer equipment, data or materials as a result of the use of this website or the download of content from the website or those that it redirects.

In the event that our website contains links to other websites and third-party materials, these links are provided only for informational purposes, without us having any control over the content of such websites or materials. Therefore, we do not accept any liability for any damage or loss arising from its use.


Partial blues

If any of these Terms or any provision of a contract are declared null and void by final decision issued by the competent authority, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in force, without being affected by that declaration of invalidity.


These Terms and any document to which express reference is made in them constitute the full agreement between you and us in relation to the object of these conditions and replace any other pact, agreement or previous promise agreed between you and us orally or in writing.

You and we acknowledge that we have consented to the conclusion of a contract without having relied on any statement or promise made by the other party or that it could infer from any statement or written in the negotiations initiated by the two before the other party, except for that expressly mentioned in these Terms.

Neither you nor we shall have an action against any uncertain statement made by the other party, verbal or written, prior to the date of a contract (unless such a declaration has been made fraudulently) and the only action available to the other party shall be for breach of contract in accordance with the provisions of these Terms.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The use of our website and the purchase contracts of products through this website will be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute arising or relates to the use of the website or to such contracts shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals. If you are hiring as a consumer, nothing in this clause will affect the rights that the current legislation recognizes as such.

Suggestions and claims

Their complaints and complaints to our customer service will be dealt with in the shortest possible time and, in any case, within the legally established time frame.

If you as a consumer consider that your rights have been violated, you can address your complaints through the e-mail address HOLA-BDEBARCELONA.CAT in order to request an out-of-court dispute settlement.

In the event that any user or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the unlawful nature of the use of any content and/or the performance of any activity on the websites included or accessible through the website, it shall send a notification to THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE duly identifying, specifying the alleged infringements and expressly stating and under your responsibility that the information provided in the notification is accurate.

For any disputed matter that is the responsibility of the website of THE OWNER OF THE WEB, Spanish legislation will apply, being competent the Courts and Courts of Spain.


All notifications and communications between the USER and THE OWNER OF THE WEB OWNER shall be considered effective, for all purposes, when made through postal mail or any other means of those detailed above.

Protection of personal data:

The USER will be able to find all information regarding the processing of your personal data in the PRIVACY POLICY section of this website.

Modification of the conditions of use:

THE OWNER OF THE WEB could modify the terms and conditions of use of this web portal. The amendments made will not be retroactive.

The terms and conditions of use of this website will always be updated and posted on this website, being able to access and read them at any time. If you do not agree to the modifications made, we recommend not to make use of our website.

Additional information

If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact THE OWNER OF THE WEB through the contact channels established for this purpose through and indicated channels of communication: Address: AVDA. GAUDI, 28 – 08025 BARCELONA, Mail: HOLA-BDEBARCELONA.CAT and telephone 936035006.