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If you want to buy a souvenir from Barcelona created in the city by local artists, artisans, and designers, if you would like to give a gift from the Catalan capital, made by small local businesses, with materials that care for the environment and endure over time, just like your journey, then we are the gift shop you are looking for.

Our collection of souvenirs and mementos from Barcelona

Take home an original souvenir made with sustainable materials.

Our catalog of bags made in Barcelona

Give or take home a backpack, or bag that lasts and cares for the environment.

Buy a souvenir in our online shop

You can buy a souvenir or memento from Barcelona from wherever you want, and choose to have it delivered wherever you are.

Shipping Costs

If you make a purchase from the peninsula and it exceeds €89, shipping costs are included. If it doesn’t exceed that amount, a fee of €7.99 will apply.
If you make a purchase from outside the peninsula, a €7.99 shipping fee will be added to the order total.

Orders placed between August 4th and August 31st will be shipped starting from September 4th.

In-store Pickup

You can also make your purchase online and pick up your order at the store. We would love to meet you. A little corner of Barcelona located at the feet of the Sagrada Familia that enjoys welcoming people like you.

Barcelona Souvenirs: Exclusive Customization for Special Events

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Barcelona with our personalized mementos. In our store, we offer the unique opportunity to theme your souvenirs, adapting them to the distinctive essence of this vibrant city. Whether you’re organizing a special corporate event or looking to gift your clients and employees with an authentically exceptional present, our themed souvenirs are the perfect choice.

Our handcrafted products, locally designed and manufactured, capture the creative and unique essence of Barcelona in every detail. Furthermore, we are committed to sustainability, ensuring that each memento has a positive impact on the environment.

Explore more about our themed gift options for corporate events by clicking here. Customize your mementos from a range of in-demand products, allowing Barcelona to be a unique and special part of your corporate events.

Some of our flagship products for events

Explore our exclusive selection of products designed to stand out at corporate events. Personalize these items with your logo or a special phrase, creating unique and unforgettable memories. From elegant mugs to aromatic candles, practical notebooks, creative pencils, attractive magnets, charming pots, captivating candle holders, and refined silver jewelry, we offer a diverse range that caters to all tastes and styles.

Here are some of our most requested products, but the true magic begins when you explore our entire catalog. Click the button to discover the wide variety of products you can choose, customize, and bring to your next corporate event. Every detail matters, make your events stand out with unique memories from Barcelona!”

Skyline Barcelona

Barcelona tile

Tote bag

key chain

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Our Values

In our store, filled with memories, we take pride in supporting local commerce, sustainability, and the circular economy. So, take a piece of the city with you in the form of a souvenir or gift, and you will be supporting fair trade.










A little shop where you can find an elegant alternative to the typical Barcelona souvenir and many design products made in Barcelona.
We look forward to seeing you at our shop in Avenida Gaudi 28!

We recommend using public transport, cycling or taking a walk !!!

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