We tell stories through our designs

At B de Barcelona, our love for this vibrant city is manifested in every corner of our store.

We believe in offering more than just souvenirs; we want every visitor to take with them an authentic piece of Barcelona.

We collaborate closely with local artisans, talented artists, graphic designers, and committed industrial designers. They not only capture the essence of our city in their creations but also share our values of sustainability, creative recycling, circular economy, and fair trade.

Each item we offer not only tells a story but also reflects our deep commitment to Barcelona and to a more sustainable and fair future for all.

More than just a souvenir shop, it's an expression of love for the city.

If you’re exploring the incomparable beauty of Barcelona, you can’t miss a stroll down Avenida Gaudí, the path that connects two of the city’s most impressive modernist masterpieces: the majestic Sagrada Familia and the magnificent modernist complex of the Hospital de Sant Pau.

At the heart of this promenade lies B de Barcelona, our small shop, an oasis of authenticity and charm reflected in each of the objects we dedicate to our beloved city.

If you decide to take this journey, we would love for you to make a little stop to visit us, say hello, and share your urban experience.

The Creative Force behind B de Barcelona

In every corner of our store, the passion for Barcelona, artisan products, and local commerce is reflected.

This is the result of the care and dedication of our founder, Maite Guillen, who meticulously tends to every detail of this small but great establishment.

Her vision of creating a space where both locals and visitors can immerse themselves in the city’s culture has been the driving force behind our project.

We Celebrate Recognition! Comerç Barcelona Award 19th Edition

We are thrilled to share with you that Barcelona B has been honored with the Comerç Barcelona Award in its 19th edition, bestowed by the Barcelona City Hall.

This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in local commerce.

We invite you to watch the inspiring video that the City Hall created to celebrate this achievement with us.

Keep Your Experience Going with Us

Ready to discover our treasures from the comfort of your home? Or perhaps you prefer to visit us in person.

You can explore our online souvenir shop or come see us in person.

At B de Barcelona, your experience doesn’t end when you leave our store, but continues every time you gaze upon your stylish mementos from this wonderful city!

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